Black lives matter. And if you’re offended by that statement, you’re part of the problem.

Black Lives Matter feature image

“Black lives matter” is a simple statement of fact. Black lives matter. It doesn’t offer any additional explicit meaning. So if you think it means anything other than simply the lives of black people matter, you’re inferring. For example, you’re inferring if you you think “Black Lives Matter” really means black lives matter but other lives don’t, or black […]

Why I’ve stopped blogging

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A lot of people have asked me why I’ve stopped blogging. It’s not because the government and opposition have improved. If anything, they’re worse now than ever. And it’s not because I care less. It’s simply because I don’t have the time or money to continue. I have 3 young kids, a wife, a business and […]

Why aren’t the media crucifying Abbott on this…?

Abbott knows kids in detention is no deterrent

In all the commotion about the timing of the AHRC’s kids in detention report, everyone seems to be overlooking 6 things: The kids are still in detention Abbott knows they’re being abused Abbott and his Immigration Minister are responsible for that abuse Abbott knows detention of children is not a deterrent Abbott says he feels no guilt […]

Abbott’s chief biz adviser says climate science is driven by money & power. But wait ’til you see HIS track-record…

Maurice Newman image and quote

Maurice Newman isn’t a climate scientist. He’s not a meteorologist either. In fact, he’s not a scientist at all. Of any sort. He’s a stockbroker and investment banker. He was Managing Director of the Deutsche Bank Group in Australia and Chairman of the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX). He’s also Tony Abbott’s chief business adviser, and […]

Labor’s Richard Marles is just a watered down version of Scott Morrison


I went along to an asylum seeker forum at Gosford Anglican Parish, last night. Hosted by the awesome Father Rod Bower, MCd by Labor’s Senator Deborah O’Neill, with special guest speaker, Labor’s Shadow Immigration Minister, Richard Marles. I was nervous when I arrived. When I left, I was furious! Here’s why… Marles made just 7 points […]

Have your say about human rights and freedoms in Australia

Tim Wilson

Take the AHRC online survey The Australian Human Rights Commission is asking for feedback about human rights and freedoms in Australia. Please complete its online survey… Here are most of my answers If you like any of them, feel free to use / re-purpose them in your own response. SECTION 2 Q: Overall, how well […]

Do you really want McDonald’s or big mining teaching your kids?

Corporations in schools

Why would anyone think it’s a good idea to give corporations power over the way our kids are educated? To move more towards America’s style of education system? But that’s exactly what the Federal Government is trialling. They’ve announced a pilot of a program that will give major corporations a bigger role in schools: …students at […]

That Woolworths t-shirt IS racist. Here’s why…


You’ve probably seen Woolworths in the news over the last couple of days because of a t-shirt a couple of its stores were selling. (Pictured above… with my alterations.) You may even be thinking it’s not particularly racist. (Although if you are, you’re probably a born-and-bred anglo Aussie.) But it is racist, and here’s why… It targets Aussie Muslims Thanks […]