The Facebook comment Liberal didn’t want you to see

Free speech
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My local Liberal MP recently deleted a comment I left on her Facebook post. Then she blocked me. And all because I spoke an inconvenient truth.

Her post & my comment

Karen deleted this and blocked me

Proof I was right

The deficit left by Labor

In August, before the election, the Treasury (not Labor) forecast we’d run at a $54.6b deficit over the next 4 years (p.1).


How Hockey added to the deficit

In December, after the election, Liberal announced a NEW forecast of $122.7b (p.1).


Treasury DID NOT sign off on this change

In Treasury Secretary Martin Parkinson’s words:

PEFO [the original forecast] is the only document that the Treasury and the Department of Finance have their names on… All other documents are documents of the Government.”

So Hockey added $68.1 billion to Treasury’s forecast!

As you can see, Hockey has added $68.1 billion on top of Treasury’s official forecast ($122.7 – $54.6 = $68.1). He made no secret of it either; it’s stated clearly in his MYEFO document:

Hockeys additions

Why the massive change?

According to the government’s own figures (p.29), the difference was due to their policy decisions and “parameter and other variations”.


What were the  policy decisions and “parameter and other variations”? According to p.34-35 of Hockey’s MYEFO, the main elements were:

  • spending measures associated with repealing the carbon tax
  • land transport infrastructure programs
  • implementation of border protection policies
  • a boost to funding for the Students First package
  • an $8.8 billion grant paid to the Reserve Bank of Australia
  • lower government revenue from tax (including forgone carbon tax revenue, which MYEFO says added $9.4b to the forecast deficit – p.93)
  • a change to the terms of trade methodology, reducing economic growth forecasts
  • a change in the projected unemployment rate
  • removing “uncertainty” re announced, but unlegislated, tax and superannuation measures

So there you go. Hockey more than doubled the forecast deficit by changing policies, forgoing revenue and making gloomy economic forecasts. Then he (and my local MP, Karen) tried to blame it all on Labor. All so he could justify his harsh budget (released not long after).

Cool, eh? ;-(

Post a message on Karen’s Facebook

If you’d like to post the truth on Karen’s Facebook, here’s the text (with a link to this post):

No, that’s an outright lie, and you know it. MYEFO was based on Liberal’s policy changes, revenue Liberal chose to forgo, and gloomy economic forecasts made by Liberal (NOT the treasury). The deficit forecast left by Labor (as signed off by Treasury) was for $54.6b deficit over the next four years. The additional $68b was Liberal’s. Nice try, but no cigar.


  1. Kristian Aaberg says

    Outstandingly simply yet compelling – well done mate! I have tweeted the link to your website to all my twitter followers :)

  2. Matt Lygoe says

    Nice work. Can I get a copy of those numbers? Can I use them in my arguments against the fraud that is the Abbott govt?

  3. Karen says

    Excellent information though unsurprisingly appalling response from Ms. McNamara. Is it wrong that I was slightly amused that, in 49 minutes, she’d only managed to find two people to like her ridiculous figures?

    • says

      Hi Karen. Yes, it is a bit funny. Even funnier that in trying to stop her just over a thousand people from seeing my comment, she’s caused more than 55,000 to see it in just the last 48 hours! :-)

  4. Abbienoiaude says

    Hi Glenn,
    Just sent this thread through to my National Party rep.
    I want to ask him if he will stop spreading that slogan of ‘Labor’s mess’ and ‘Labor’s debt and deficit’. I am so sick of hearing it and it not being picked up by any journalist or any interviewer.

    Thank you for a fabulous piece of FACTUAL commentary.

    More fool your rep, but she ain’t as mad and crap as mine!

    • says

      Hi Abbie. Thanks for your comment, and for sending it through to your Nat rep. That’s a particularly good idea. I’m not convinced they’re aware of all the low tactics their coalition partners are engaging in.

  5. Glenn Taylor says

    Thank you for this Glenn. The brazen-ness of their lies is beyond belief. We need to keep vigilant and turf these scumbags out as soon as possible.

  6. trev says

    damn, you can count…next treasurer right here, facts speak for themselves.i am liberal, well i was, no longer

  7. Ian Carter says

    Were they all liars before the election or is that the result of a policy decision to soften the public into accepting that it’s normal so Phony Tony doesn’t look so bad. (It didn’t work!)

    • says

      Hi Ian. Yeah, definitely all liars, long before the election. That’s why they were calling asylum seekers illegal immigrants during the campaign. Absolute lie.

  8. Michelle says

    Please please please send a copy to Peter Van Onselen, PVO anchor on Sky News, Paul Murray, Paul Murray Live and Richo. This government is a fraud and should be charged with fraud and theft by deception. Anyone else would so why not them. We cannot believe one thing that comes out of their mouths – EVER!

    • Michelle says

      The only problem with that is Sky is owned by Murdoch, a rampant conservative. Regardless of what might be said, he won’t allow anything as obvious as this to be aired.

      • says

        Hi Michelle and Michelle! Yeah, I’m pretty sure Sky won’t touch it. But never mind, more than 55,000 people have already read this post, in just the last 48 hours!

  9. Annamarie Newton says

    Remember 2 points about the Liberals in particularly the gang of 4 from the ‘Movement’ includes: Abbott, Hockey, Robb and Andrews.
    1. Look at the very important positions they now hold. Abbott has gone on record saying -unless I write it down and swear to God, then basically don’t trust that I will carry it out therefore I am likely to lie or change my mind and miss-represent the truth.
    2.Has anyone noticed that many religious in the Coalition are not saying the oath (where they swear to god) but saying the affirmation instead (big difference on their conscious – they rationalise be saying to themselves they are not lying because they didn’t say the oath, makes it okay to stretch the truth). When attending Royal Commissions etc.

    • says

      Thanks for your comments, Anna-Marie and Carrie. There’s definitely more going on here than they present in the media… :-(

    • Greg the Explorer says

      Hi – as a Christian myself perhaps I can shed some light on the reason they won;t swear on the Bible – i won’t either – it’s because Jesus (whom we follow and revere) in the famous Sermon on the Mount, taught his followers to not swear by anything under heaven – but to let your ‘yes’ be ‘yes’ and your ‘no’ be ‘no’ – many Christians take this to mean that swearing on the Bible is not quite right and an affirmation or oath in any other form is as powerful.

      No subterfuge, just a matter of conscience. Hope that clears it up a bit….not that I think its helping these guys be honest in any way shape or form!

    • says

      Hi M. Yeah, me too. In fact, that’s one of the reasons I started blogging this stuff. I found I was doing more and more writing and research, so I decided to put it to good use. :-) Maybe you should too?

  10. Luke says

    fair to say Karen is rather thin skinned, posting a link to this blog entry onto her facebook didn’t last long.

  11. Graham Bell says

    Bet you thought this was the Commonwealth of Australia . Wrong. It is now the Kleptocracy of Soviet Australia. And just as in that other Soviet, the voices of unlicenced dissidents will be silenced – allowing The People to hear anyone except the authorized, semi-official dissidents will only confuse them and cause them to ask too many awkward questions..

    • Drew says

      There is no difference in the feel of a boot on your neck made in a factory owned by a Government run Business, then one made in a Business run Government.
      Soviet? Capitalist? No difference, both seek to exploit and control, and the exploiters and controllers all rise to the top either way.

    • says

      Yeah, they’re certainly putting a lot of effort into silencing critics. Australian Public Service (APS) employees can no longer criticise gov policy, a NSW TAFE teacher was threatened by the dept of immigration, another non-APS public servant was sacked over criticism… And then there’s the whole de-regulation of unis. If they can’t stop people from being educated (and therefore more likely to speak up), they can hit them with so much debt that graduates won’t have the time or energy to speak out. Same applies to everyone else, with all this austerity rubbish. None of this is an accident.

  12. david says

    Fact is they are very good liars…..well mainly coz they got into power through deception…and now everyone is suffering

  13. Garry says

    Unfortunately, I reside in McNamara’s electorate. Since the election, I have NOT ONCE seen her in and around the area, unless she is offering up a photo opportunity to announce funds that we’re allocated in the previous budget by Labor. I recommend that she does not take a long term lease on her Canberra digs.

    • Roger Montgomery says

      Same here in Canberra, a Liberal toad managed to ride into one senate seat and since then I have taken to calling Zed Seselja the Amazing Vanishing Zed as he hasn’t shown his face in public unless the event was a padded and paid Liberal function. What a bunch of thieving, lying toads.

  14. Terry says

    Bit slow Glenn, I’m in Dobell too, I was blocked by Karen prior to the election when I asked for further details on an election commitment (to make Wyong and Gosford hospitals locally run), her response was to delete my comments and block me as well.

    You notice how you can only comment (or rather you could comment) and can’t post on her Facebook page? Yeah, that was me too.

    And when I emailed her she didn’t reply but rather subscribed me to a Liberal emailing list, I haven’t unsubscribed, it’s good for a laugh whenever it comes in.

    Thomson was a goner, but I guess it’s our fault locally for not getting McBride over the line.

  15. Marfi says

    Well done Glenn.

    The important thing is to get out there to actively campaign against Lib & Nat candidates in marginal seats. People need to work hard to get the truth out there because the mainstream media certainly isn’t on the side of truth and balance. Yes, social media is useful but get out there handing out leaflets, knocking on doors & talking to people. Only way we will be rid of this abomination.

    • says

      Thanks Marfi. I agree. One reader of my refugee post ( printed out a few hundred copies of the post and letter-box dropped it in her area!

      That said, more than 64,000 people have read this post in the last 3 days. So word’s getting out there. How many of them Lib voters, I don’t know…

  16. Garry says

    McNamara only got over the line with preferences from McKinna and Bracken, both of whom conveniently forgot to declare who they would preference prior to the election…

    • Angie says

      Excellent Glen!

      My family are also in Dobell and we will NOT be voting for her next election…Abbott govt. is the worst govt ever, just full of tricks & outright blatant lies! She’ll be gone next election….

      MORE IMPORTANTLY this woman supports a man who supported a paedophile who was charged with a child sex offence until Abbott jumped up and gave this creep Fr Nestor a reference – helped his best friend avoid a lengthy jail sentence, I feel so sad for the poor little victim – shame on HER! does she have children?

    • SWGreg says

      Except Garry, being in the lower house it is not the candidate that nominates the preferences that follow, but the elector themselves. You should be more concerned that the people casting their votes saw it better to put a ‘Liberal’ before they put another party. It still shows that the electorate was favouring the conservatives.

    • says

      Thanks for your comments guys. I’m hoping people will be far more wary of voting Liberal again for a while, after this lying, deceitful government.

  17. Leeanne Lemke says

    Great work Glenn!! Sharing it. Loved your letter too Kaye Lee which I shared at the time. Both Lucy & Karen need a serious reality check.

  18. Vince O'Grady says

    Hi Glenn,

    Well put together and compelling analysis which shows up the lies for what they are.

    I always find it amazing that reporters don’t spend the time or the effort to do what you have done and that is look at the source documents. As you have demonstrated its really easy to write the truth.

    This possibly has to be the worst most factless government in the whole of the Westminister tradition. By that I mean that they Lie at every opportunity.

    The fact check unit of the ABC is pretty useless as well. They use flowery language like “Overblown” to describe a lie.

    Hope you keep doing these sorts of posts. They are valuable if one wants to know the facts.


    • says

      Hi Vince. Thanks for your kind words. And yes, it’s disappointing that it’s left to people like us to reveal the truth. The Murdoch media is actively misinforming people, so it’s never going to happen there. And the rest of the mainstream media certainly isn’t doing the job. The ABC and SBS are going to find it harder now, than ever, without as much money.

  19. Amy says

    Well done Glenn,

    I have since posted a a link to this page on Karen McNamara’s facebook page. Within two minutes it was deleted and I was blocked. Talk about vigilance.

    Such an abhorrent breach of our right to freedom of speech.

    • Rock says

      The graceful thing for them to do would be to take down the incorrect post and write a correction apologising for the inaccuracy. This of course is not possible if your ego can never admit to fallibility and your ignorance of the details of the material your party sends you, were to show through.

    • says

      Hi Amy. Yeah, a few people have tried posting the truth on Karen’s page, and have failed, just as I (and you) have. So much for honesty and free speech!

  20. orangefox says

    Very good. You deserve a cigar!
    Perhaps Media Watch would be interested. Better get in soon before that show is binned by their ABC.
    I hope to get a cigar one day too. I’ll keep commenting on the MH370 story at The Guardian, eh?

    • says

      Thanks orangefox! ABC Fact Check already ran a similar story, so this wouldn’t (shouldn’t) come as news to Media Watch. But given their media focus, they’d be more interested in reporting it if it were reported incorrectly by the media.

  21. Mike Bailey says

    Quote …. “an $8.8 billion grant paid to the Reserve Bank of Australia” ????

    Wtf for?
    Why should the Reserve get a tax free “Grant” courtesy of the Australian Taxpayer???
    Who Is/Owns the Reserve Bank???

  22. Nat says

    Hi Glenn, it’s also possible that she is just clueless to this information, and, unable to provide an appropriate response, felt it easier to delete your comments (as doing anything else would just make her look bad, I mean, worse!). Just a thought… but whatever her reasons, I applaud you for your efforts, and for bringing more Liberal lies to light!

    • says

      Hi Nat. Thanks for your comment. I suppose it’s possible she’s clueless, but even if she were, that’s no excuse. I don’t think she is though. She’s an ex-lawyer and was in charge of fundraising for the NSW Libs. She understands dollars.

  23. Yiannis Danatzis says

    Why not expose all this on television, and really make Karen McNamara furious.
    Laurie Oaks would be the best journalist to tell.

  24. Davis says

    You should totally post your comment here in text format and encourage everyone to copy and paste it as a comment on her page. See how many people she’s willing to delete the same comment from and block them! The truth needs to be told to her followers!

  25. Chris says

    Just posted a link to this on Karen’s facebook page, I wonder how long it will take for her to delete it and block me.

    • says

      It was actually a month or two ago. Can’t remember the exact date. I could trawl back through my G+ / Twitter posts to find when I first posted about it, but I can’t do that now. Have to get some work done… :-(

  26. Ian says

    Glenn, it’s pretty clear to me you said something the LNP doesn’t like. And true to form, you’ve been censored. That’s how they do it: censor you then bang on about how you’ve shut down free speech.

    The absolute worst thing she did was to block you. What a hypocrite!

  27. Terry says

    Congratulations Glenn on exposing yet another LNP liar. Just when I was about to give in to anger fatigue I read your post and realized we can’t let these people wear us down; I will continue to protest until they are gone.

    • says

      For people interested in budget figures, the entire federal budget is online and searchable at BudgetAus.

      BudgetAus is a grassroots project which has worked to get the government to construct and release it’s budget data in a consistent detail across agencies and published in formats that allow it to be put into independent databases so the public can draw their own conclusions regarding budget spending.

      BudgetAus recently received national and international recognition from the International Budget Partnership an organisation that supports budget transparency around the world. I put BudgetAus together as a NewStart recipient and receive no funding from any source.

      An example of what BudgetAus offers is the list of Programs in the federal budget listed in order of size (biggest to smallest). Programs

      The site provides all forward year funding with a trendline. If you click on the Program name you get more information about that program including it’s objectives and any notes provide by government for changes in funding. If you click on the Agency name you get the total spending for that agency. Same if you click on Portfolio name.

      The changes in spending between last budget year and this year are quite interesting. It would be good if the public could get behind such a significant piece of work.


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